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Abdelilah or Abdou as his nickname was born in the South east of Morocco ,descendent from an Amazigh family which still behaving and following the tradition and culture of the South East of Morocco.

Abdou is working with the in collaboration with best drivers and guides from all over Morocco.

His long experience in the sector of tourism make him able to deal with all kind of customers enquiries and always aim to meet his expectations.He often do some visits To some new destinations and accumulate enough information regarding interesting issues and amenities of interest to consumers.

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Private and local guide is always the most unique way to experience place like the locals. We have plenty of sustainable and sunny services you can combine to make your visit of Morocco one to remember. Morocco Friendly Tours is staffed by a team of highly motivated and experienced travel professionals based in Morocco who know the whole country inside and out. Feel free to contact a member of our tour team to field any questions you might have. Complete a contact form and a travel consultant will respond within few hours.


Your personal Morocco tour can be customized to suit your own special travel interests.

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Contact our guides today with your questions. We can tailor the Morocco tour according to your interests. We offer competitive prices and we promise to deliver excellent customer service.

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We will be happy to arrange you a tailored private Sahara desert tour to Morocco, day trips, excursions and activities according to your wishes.

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A friendly, approachable, personal private tour driver and guide who genuinely loves their guiding job. We are all passionate about sharing our knowledge of Morocco.

"my long experience in the sector of tourism make me able to deal with all kind of customers enquiries and always aim to meet my expectations."

About Us