Morocco Friendly Tours responsibilities:

Morocco Friendly Tours and its representatives are not liable to any accident, injury, property damage, or personal loss. Whether to you or to those traveling with you. Indirect suppliers, (e.g., ground transportation, hotel accommodations, meals, air carriage, etc…) do not represent Morocco Friendly Tours in any way. We will not be responsible for any wrongful acts or failure to act by other suppliers.

Morocco Friendly Tours acts as a Tour Booking Agent for some products and shall not be liable to any inconveniences that are caused by said suppliers.

Morocco Friendly Tours is not responsible for the theft or loss of your valuable items due to your negligence, nor will it endorse any liability about loss, injury or any damage to property or person (e.g., death, delay, connection inconveniences, etc…).

We will not be held liable for the next reasons: Mechanical or other failures of airplanes or means of transportation, failure to provide goods/services (out of our direct control), acts of God, war, or civil unrest; such as Strikes, labor activities, criminal or terrorist activities.

Secure your Booking:

A deposit is required for each order that has been made through Morocco Friendly Tours website in order to secure your booking. The deposit can be wired or by credit card payment.

Agreement acceptance:

This agreement represents the entire and only contract between you, the traveler, and Morocco Friendly Tours By securing your booking you confirm that you have successfully read and accepted all terms and conditions and agree to abide by them.

Client amendments:

Morocco Friendly Tours customer’s service will handle your requests that are related to booking changes and amendments.

If your amendment or date change request is received by Morocco Friendly Tours customer care fourteen (14) days ahead of your travel date, you will not be charged.

Date change requests that are made between fourteen (14) and seven (7) days prior to your travel date will be honored as subject to availability and acceptance.

Changes made less than seven (7) days from your original travel date may trigger an additional fee.

Morocco Friendly Tours does not guarantee the success of any change request. Suppliers and/or service providers are in control of their goods and accommodation; However, Morocco Friendly Tours will do its best to fulfill your request.

Payment policy:

Please inform your travel consultant as soon as possible when trying to book any tour and/or travel package. Morocco Friendly Tours should receive the fixed deposit (30%) to secure your booking.


Morocco Friendly Tours will apply a cancellation fee for canceling confirmed bookings. Morocco Friendly Tours will notify you via e-mail or phone of your total cancellation fee upon a booking cancelation. Below, you will find information regarding cancelation fees:

If you cancel more than thirty-one (31) days before your arrival date; Morocco Friendly Tours will charge 5%, as a transaction and bank fee

Morocco Friendly Tours will apply the following scale of charges if you cancel your tour after the latter period.

30-21 days before your arrival date: 30% of the total amount as a cancelation fee.

20-15 days before your arrival date: 50% of the total amount as a cancelation fee.

14-7   days before your arrival date: 50% of the total amount as a cancelation fee.

Within 6 days of your scheduled date: 100% of the total amount as a cancelation fee.

No show and/or after the start cases will not yield any refunds.

Hotels, Boat and Train tickets, and flights are subject to the terms and policy of said service providers. Our representative will advise you of a cancellation fee at the time of your cancellation.

Refund Policy:

Morocco Friendly Tours will refund all confirmed bookings unless canceled during the (31 days prior to the arrival date) period.  Morocco Friendly Tours will charge 5% from the deposited amount as a transaction and bank fee.


Due to unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to cancel your tour or trek. If such an event should occur, we will refund any sum you have already paid to us, including the deposit, but we are not liable to pay any additional compensation to you. Unforeseen circumstances include but are not limited to natural or nuclear disasters, war or threat of war, riots, terrorists, fires, adverse weather conditions and others. Special Requests: Any special requirements that are important to your booking (dietary, medical, wheelchair assistance or others) must be provided to us before you book in writing. We will pass the information onto our vendor partners to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for you. If there are special requests we are unable to meet, we will advise you in writing prior to booking your trip. Please let us know of any preferences that you may have while making the reservation (hotels locations, bed configurations, etc.) and we will try to accommodate all your requests. No compensation will be paid if such requests cannot be fulfilled.


Morocco Friendly Tours may reserve a different hotel within the same category. In order to provide you with an indication of quality, Morocco Friendly Tours lists similar hotels with the same quality.

Special requests:

Please inquire one of our consultants in case you have any special preferences. Morocco Friendly Tours and its consultants in charge will do their utmost to satisfy your special requests and needs.

Morocco Friendly Tours does not guarantee the complete satisfaction of any special request and can not be held responsible if a request is not fulfilled.

Children policy:


We recommend that you use your judgment when you tip. It’s a completely personal gesture.

Some individuals depend on tip income. Generally, tips are grateful and will help those in need greatly.

Customer care:

We tend to resolve issues, if any, in a timely manner. So, we suggest that you please notify Morocco Friendly Tour customer’s service immediately whenever you’re facing an inconvenience.
if you need help while in Morocco.

If your problem persists, do not hesitate to contact Morocco Friendly Tours customer’s service .